HL7 Starter Kit | What is HL7? HL7 for Dummies

New to HL7? New to FHIR? New to Interface Engines?

If so, then the HL7 Starter School is for you!

I reached out to Vivian…She’s not only been a great teacher but a great friend! The private community has been instrumental in my career. She has a vested interest in me being successful!

Generro Martely (HL7 Starter Course Student)

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We offer an introduction to HL7!

HL7 Starter Course: An introduction to HL7 with Mirth Connect integration engine.

We offer an introduction to FHIR!

Intro to FHIR: An introduction to FHIR with Mirth Connect integration engine.

What People Are Saying:

  • avatar Brian T. Student, Purchased HL7 Starter Course.

    Vivian, your are my life saver!!!! Thanks so much!!!! You are wonderful!!!! By the way, your video about sending HL7 to database was great!!!!!

  • avatar Alex I. Student, Purchased Intro to FHIR, Comment in private community.

    Anyone else watch the FHIR course by Vivian? It’s phenomenal.

  • avatar Sharon D. Student, Purchased HL7 Starter Kit Kindle

    I am just starting out in learning HL7 and I found the book to be very clear and concise. The explanations on the segments were very helpful.

  • avatar Jason Student, Enrolled in Free FHIR to HL7v2 lesson.

    Simple. Good intro to FHIR -> HL7v2.

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About The Author

ViSO Tech

Back in 2009, I was a Web Developer for an Ivy League University in New England. At that time, like most HIT professionals, I was paying close attention to President Obama and his commitment to digitize medical records via ARRA. He made it clear his goal was to create jobs to help stimulate the economy. So, I knew these political maneuvers would have a major impact on HIT. As a result, I was ready to personally benefit from these changes.

Due to ARRA, in 2010 I moved back into HIT and began my career with HL7 interoperability in 2011. It was a small leap from Software Developer to HL7 Engineer; however, I quickly noticed that there were no affordable, easy to understand resources to quickly learn HL7 and interface engines.

I must admit that I yearned for an HL7 for Dummies book. To my surprise, I looked around and found nothing. In 2013, I created one to give back to the industry with an affordable book that focuses on HIT data exchange via HL7 interface engines.

So, then came the online course idea. This HL7 Starter School was a natural progression on my journey to help the Healthcare IT communtiy.

The three objectives of this school are to introduce you to:

  • 1. HL7 messages
  • 1. FHIR resources
  • 2. Interface Engines
Happy Reading,
-Vivian, HL7 Starter School Founder
Email: viso.tech@yahoo.com
Text: (401) 405-1150

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